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Milan/Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2011  ‘Teen Wolf’ actor Tyler Hoechlin was featured in the inside story of August Man Malaysia August 2014 issue. Photographed by Bryan Kong.
MilanParisMFW @TylerL_Hoechlin from @MTVteenwolf featured in @AugustManMY Photographed by @bryankjins Styled by @VoJuliet

Teen Wolf is like that hot dude you picked up at a sleazy bar and had a night of ill-advised drunken sex with, who, when you’ve had a good look at him the morning after, is not really your type but you’re kind of hungover and horny so you agree to go another round before you try to kick him out which is when he turns out to be one of those Nice Guys who is batshit crazy

GDI phone I wasn’t done. So yeah Teen Wolf is like the Nice Guy who insists that he’s “Nice, seriously, why the fuck won’t you sleep with me again god you women are the same,” and yeah basically he’s rude and disrespectful and ignorant and treats you like a piece of shit. And what you should do is get a restraining order, kick him in the nuts and then elope to Fanonland with his lovely friend Sterek whom that asshole takes disgusting advantage of and also treats like a piece of shit, and I hope you’ll have a long and happy life with Sterek because you both definitely deserve better. So, so much better.

*deep breath* okay rant over, carry on

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the madness continues

(somebody stop me before i go broke from my sartorial fangirling shenanigans)

((also hi hello not dead))

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